Heath De Fount-Haberlin in the Marin Hall of Fame

Heath De Fount-Haberlin was inducted to the Marin County Athletic Hall of Fame on November 2, 2013 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in San Rafael, California becoming the first athlete of Azorean-Portuguese decent ever to be inducted into the HOF. After 31 years, Heath still holds four of the all-time Tamalpais High School baseball records for: batting average: .519, hits: 27, runs scored: 22 and stolen bases: 25. Heath was the first athlete to play varsity baseball all four years since 1960. Heath was All-League MCAL all four years as well at Tam High. Heath continued to play baseball at College of Marin (as a music major) and Division 1 college baseball at UC Berkeley for the Cal Bears (as a music major) and later, received a Division 1 college baseball scholarship at the University of San Francisco playing for the Dons. For more information, go to the following Marin IJ articles, "De Fount-Haberlin put up big numbers during his baseball days at Tam and College of Marin" and "Heath De Fount-Haberlin, athletic hall of fame bio."